Wills & Probate

There is no guarantee that your Spouse, Civil Partner or any other intended person will inherit your entire Estate if you leave no Will and die Intestate.

To avoid this uncertainty, our specialist legal team will advise you on how to give effect to your wishes. By making a Will you can avoid the Intestacy Rules. If your Estate is worth more than £250,000, and you have children, your spouse will likely receive the first £250,000.00 as well as all personal belongings and 50% of the remainder of the Estate. The other 50% of the remainder would pass to your children and so on.

We offer the following services:

  • Will Preparation
  • Financial and Inheritance Tax planning
  • Administration of your Estate – Acting for the Executor and distributing assets
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Creation of Trusts

If you are the Executor/Executrix of a Will we can help you obtain Probate at a competitive rate.

In many instances, our clients have appointed us to be their Executors safe in the knowledge that we will administer the Estate in a timely and efficient manner. We will ensure all tax implications are kept to a minimum in order that the Estate is protected from any future claims.

All Probate matters are charged at our hourly rate in the range of £250.00 – £300.00 plus VAT depending on the experience of the solicitor with conduct of the matter.

As Executors of the Estate we charge an additional fee equivalent to 1 – 2% of the value of any property belonging to the estate upon sale and 1 % of the value of any other assets upon sale to reflect our responsibilities as Executors.

For a standard Will we charge £200.00 plus VAT and for those who are unable to attend our offices we offer a personal home Will service at an additional cost.

Lasting Power of Attorney’s are charged at £450.00 plus VAT per document, or £850.00 plus VAT for the pair. In addition a disbursement cost of £82.00 per document will apply representing the registration fee as charged by the Office of the Public Guardian.

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